Men's Rowing 1st Varsity Eight Wins Baker Cup Against WPI

Senior Ryan Bell sat in the 6-seat for the Baker Cup winning 1st varsity eight.

WORCESTER – The Tufts University men's rowing first varsity eight won the Baker Cup against WPI in racing on Lake Quinsigamond Sunday.

The Jumbos were racing in a new shell dedicated by an anonymous donor to Janet Silva, the wife of longtime Tufts Director of Rowing Gary Caldwell and herself a recently-retired Tufts employee in the sports medicine department for many years.

The Jumbos defeated the Engineers by open water, finishing the 2,000-meter course in 6:13 compared to 6:21.72 by WPI. Skidmore was also in the race and placed third in 6:55.82.

The winning 1V8 line-up was cox James Grant, stroke Rick Boer, 7 Mats Edwards, 6 Ryan Bell, 5 Alex Williams, 4 Nick Hartman, 3 Jordan Bacher, 2 Harris Hardiman-Mostow and bow James Miller.

The Jumbos won all of their three races today. The second varsity eight edged WPI with a 6:31.8 time to 6:36.57. The Jumbo third varsity eight remained undefeated in another good race, finishing in 6:37.5 to WPI's 6:46.68.

Tufts' second varsity eight had a boating of coxswain Tara Coleran, stroke Matt Agurcia, 7 Alec Whipple, 6 Malcolm Zuckerman, 5 Rich Gilland, 4 Ted Midthun, 3 Mitch Koganski, 2 Samson Braun and bow Henry Ross.

Starting for the Jumbo third eight was coxswain Nilay Maity, stroke Peter Malinovsky, 7 Ethan Donnelly, 6 Jack Fraser, 5 Matias Facciuto, 4 Akash Maney, 3 David Gantt, 2 Tamas Takata and bow Aidan Bauer.

The Jumbos will finish their regular-season next Saturday when they return to Lake Quinsigamond to face Holy Cross, Bates and Williams.