Men's Rowing Welcomes Williams, Coast Guard and MIT to Opening Day at Malden River Saturday

Rick Boer will sit in the stroke seat for Tufts' first varsity eight.

MEDFORD – The Tufts University men's rowing team will host Williams College, Coast Guard and MIT in opening-day racing at Malden River on Saturday.

The regatta will begin with the Jumbo men's varsity eight race against Williams College at 9:36 am.

Tufts' 3V8 will then face Williams' third varsity in a semi-final race at 9:44 am. Williams' fourth varsity will row against Coast Guard in the other semifinal at 9:52 am. The winners will advance to the 3V8 final at 11:04 am after the two losing teams row a consolation race at 10:56 am.

The Jumbos' 2V8 will engage Williams in a semi-final at 10 am. MIT's lightweight second varsity will go against Coast Guard in the other semifinal at 10:08 am. The winners will compete at 11:28 am after the consolation race at 11:20 am.

The Tufts first varsity eight will compete against Coast Guard at 10:48 am in their second and final race of the day.

Tufts' 1V8 will have a boating of coxswain James Grant, stroke Rick Boer, 7 James Miller, 6 Nick Hartman, 5 Alex Williams, 4 Isaac Mudge, 3 Mats Edwards, 2 Ryan Bell and bow Alec Whipple.

The second varsity eight will sit coxswain Tara Curran with stroke Matias Facciuto, 7 Harris Hardiman-Mostow, 6 Rich Gilland, 5 Jordan Bacher, 4 Matt Agurcia, 3 Ted Midthun, 2 David Gantt and bow Samson Braun.

For the Tufts 3V8, coxswain John DiGiacomo, stroke Peter Malinovsky, 7 Henry Ross, 6 Paul Gelhaus, 5 Ethan Donnelly, 4 Malcolm Zuckerman, 3 Mitch Koganski, 2 Tamas Takata and bow Aidan Bauer are the Jumbo starters.

Williams and Coast Guard will row in a first varsity eight race to finish the men's schedule at 12:04 pm.