Department of Sports Medicine

Mission Statement:

The Department of Sports Medicine at Tufts University delivers the highest quality sports medicine services to our student-athletes. Our mission is to provide medical coverage to the intercollegiate athletic programs including prevention, education, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation and administration of all athletic injuries. The sports medicine team is comprised of seven full-time Athletic Trainers; all are nationally certified and licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Professional Licensure. The certified Athletic Trainers work under the supervision of the Tufts University team physician. While we recognize a student-athlete’s desire to participate in intercollegiate athletics, it is our responsibility to ensure that the health and long term well-being of the student-athlete is paramount in our decision to return the student to athletics participation following an injury. The supervising physicians and NCAA Sports Medicine Handbook ( serve as the basis for policy decisions.

Service Policy:

The department will provide services to any student-athlete on the official roster of a Tufts intercollegiate varsity athletic teams during the team’s competitive season. In addition, the department will provide services to the following club teams during their official competitive season: men’s and women’s rugby and men’s and women’s ultimate frisbee. Students who fall outside of these guidelines will need to seek care at Tufts Health Services, Lawrence Memorial Hospital or from a doctor of their choice. In-season student-athletes have priority over out-of-season student-athletes. Injuries sustained before attending Tufts and/or injuries which are not a result of participation at Tufts are not eligible for service.
Physical Therapy services will be provided by Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy on the Tufts Campus with a physician referral.

Confidentiality statement:

Tufts Sports Medicine personnel will not discuss the health status of student-athletes with unauthorized parties and will maintain confidentiality at all times, except in situations of imminent danger to the student-athlete or to another person. The student-athlete must authorize the release of medical information. This includes speaking with the student-athlete’s parents, if the student is eighteen years of age or older. Sports medicine personnel must obtain the student-athlete’s permission in order to speak with his/her parents regarding a medical condition.

Hours of Operation:

The Sports Medicine Suite is open Monday-Friday from 9am-7:00pm and on the weekends for practice and game coverage only. Typically, the Sports Medicine Suite will close one hour after the last practice of the evening ends. Student-athletes are asked to make appointments for treatment and rehabilitation by calling 617-627-5102 or speaking with the athletic trainer, who coordinates care for the sport-specific team.

Emergency Information:

Tufts University Health Services


Tufts University Counseling and Mental Health Service


Lawerence Memorial Hospital – 170 Governors Ave, Medford, MA 02155

Main: 781-306-6000

ER: 781-306-6300




Staff Bios:

Nick Mitropoulos (RPT, ATC)

Nick has been in the Sports Medicine Department at Tufts University since the fall of 1984.  He graduated from Northeastern University with a BA in physical therapy in 1982.  He was originally hired as an Assistant Athletic Trainer, coordinating care for men’s soccer, men’s ice hockey and baseball.  In 2009 Nick became the Director of Sports Medicine.  Nick is also part owner of O.S.P.T.A., an organization which has two physical therapy clinics in the Boston area.  Nick is a licensed Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer by the Massachusetts Board of Health Professions, a nationally registered Physical Therapist, a nationally certified Athletic Trainer and member of the APTA and NATA. Nick lives in Winchester, MA with his wife Maureen and two sons, Alex and Tim.

Sports coverage: Women's volleyball, sailing, women's crew, men's swimming and diving, squash and baseball  


Patricia Cordeiro (MS, ATC, CSCS)

Pat Cordeiro has worked as a certified Athletic Trainer for the past 28 years.  She has worked at high school, college, professional and Olympic level and has worked at Tufts University since 2001.  Pat is a preceptor for Boston University, part-time professor at Salem State University and also works as an athletic trainer with Blue Man Group in Boston. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Bridgewater State University, her master’s degree from AT Still University and is currently working on her PhD from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. Pat is a member of the National Athletic Trainers Associations and is licensed as an Athletic Trainer by the Massachusetts Board of Health Professions. 

Sports coverage: Field hockey, men's tennis, women's basketball, women's fencing, men's outdoor track and field, women's ultimate frisbee 


Danielle Monteiro (ATC)

Danielle grew up in the great state of Massachusetts, went to Hofstra University for her BS in Sports medicine and Exercise physiology.   She’s been working at Tufts since graduating in 2011 from Hofstra. Danielle is a licensed Athletic Trainer by the Massachusetts Board of Health Professions, and a nationally certified Athletic Trainer and member of the NATA.

Sports coverage: Women's soccer, women's tennis, men's basketball, women's outdoor track and field  



Michael Buonopane (MS, ATC)

Michael Buonpane starting working as an Assistant Athletic Trainer at Tufts University in 2013. Michael completed his undergraduate work at Canisius College in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and a minor in Health and Human Performance. Michael completed his Master’s degree in Sports Injury Management at Life University in 2012, where he served as the Head Athletic Trainer for Life University’s Professional Men’s rugby team. Michael went on to complete a residency at Boston College working with the Football program as well as Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving. Michael is certified in Selective Movement Functional Assessment, Positional Release Therapy and is faculty for the Positional Release Therapy Institute.  He is a member of the National Athletic Trainers Associations and is licensed as an Athletic Trainer by the Massachusetts Board of Health Professions.

Sports coverage: Men's soccer, men's rugby, women's indoor track and field, men's lacrosse


Brett Hayes (ATC, LAT)

Brett Hayes joined Tufts University Sports Medicine in 2015. He graduated from Springfield College in 2013 with a B.S. in Athletic Training.  Brett is a member of the National Athletic Training Association and is a Licensed Athletic Trainer by the Massachusetts Board of Health Professions. Brett lives in Franklin, MA with his wife Alyssa and two dogs, Recchi and Brandy.

Sports coverage: Football, women's cross country, men's indoor track and field, women's lacrosse, men's ultimate frisbee




Ryan Birchall (PT, DPT, ATC)

Ryan graduated from Boston University in 2014 with a B.S. in Athletic Training; he then graduated in 2016 from Boston University with his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and is licensed in Massachusetts as both an Athletic Trainer and a Physical Therapist. Ryan was an athletic training and physical therapy student here at Tufts multiple times throughout his undergraduate/graduate education; he is beyond excited to be a Jumbo again! Ryan was born and raised in upstate New York, but now calls Boston home. Back in the day Ryan was an offensive lineman in the fall and a long-pole defenseman in the spring.  In his free time Ryan enjoys running, cooking (eating), and creative writing.

Sports coverage: Football, men's cross country, women's swimming and diving, men's lacrosse 



Emily Young (ATC, LAT)

Emily grew up in New Jersey and graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training in 2014.  She started working as an athletic trainer at Tufts University in January 2017.  She is a licenses Athletic Trainer by the Massachusetts Board of Health Professions, a nationally certified Athletic Trainer and member of the National Athletic Training Association. 

Sports coverage: Women's rugby, men's crew, men's ice hockey, softball 




Dr. Paul P Weitzel, MD

Dr. Weitzel serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine and his clinical interests lie in sports medicine with a primary emphasis on minimally invasive arthroscopy of shoulders and knees.

Dr. Matt Salzler, MD