Get Involved Swag Bag

It's about community.


Building it. Enjoying it. Serving it. To "Fan the Fire" is to be a part of something bigger–the Jumbo community. While Jumbos are all pretty different, we do have one thing in common–a commitment to community.

Through Tufts Athletics, Jumbos get involved. Every season, each team strives to do more than win a game. They venture into the community, adopt a cause, and find ways to contribute, to make a difference. This commitment to service beyond the arena is what sets them apart from their competition, and it's what they share with their friends.

"Fan the Fire" brings Jumbos of every stripe together, to have a great time, and to rally around worthy causes and the teams that support them.

"The Fire" is that spirit within all of us to serve, to do more. And we want you to be fanning it with us.

Upcoming Fan the Fire Events