Sixth-Ranked Women's Rowing Defeats #4 Wellesley College During Saturday Racing

Libby Lichter returned to Tufts' 1V8 after an illness last week

MALDEN - Four of the top six ranked Division III women's rowing teams in this week's CRCA / USRowing Coaches Poll were in action on Saturday at Malden River as #6 Tufts University welcomed #1 Bates College, #2 Wesleyan University and #4 Wellesley College.

The Jumbo first varsity eight opened their day with an impressive five-second victory over Wellesley in the semi-finals, 6:36.5 to 6:41.4. However, that would be the Jumbo team's only victory of the day in six total races.

The Jumbo 1V8 also had a close race in the finals against Bates, with the Bobcats winning 6:42.1 to 6:46.9. The loss was the first of the season for Tufts' 1V8.

Tufts' first varsity eight today included junior coxswain Annelise Ryan, junior Emma Conroy, sophomore Libby Lichter, freshman Prairie Hammer, freshman Camden Myles, sophomore Miranda Finestone, sophomore Bibi Lichauco, junior Sera Busse and senior Natalia Kastenberg.

Tufts' second varsity eight and third varsity eight each lost both of their races on Saturday.

In the 2V8, Tufts was defeated by Wellesley in the semi-finals 7:04.3 to 7:29.5. The Jumbos then lost to Wesleyan in the petite final 6:54.2 to 7:21 flat.

For the 2V8, Tufts lined up freshman cox Jill Armenia, sophomore Erika Madrian, sophomore Maia Tarnas, sophomore Maddie Orzeske, freshman Grace Fabrycky, sophomore Miriam Weiss, freshman Laurel Haeger, freshman Julia Turner and senior Hayley Cohen.

The Jumbos' semifinal match-up in the 3V8 was against Wellesley and the Blue won the race 7:26.7 to the Jumbos' 7:55.1. Tufts also lost its 3V8 petite final versus Wesleyan (7:06.5 - 7:32.8).

Junior coxswain Caroline Talbert, freshman Jiana Schnabel, sophomore Leah Stern, freshman Kathryn Luhrman, sophomore Alina McIntyre, sophomore Lauren Drohosky, freshman Glynnis Cummings, freshman Risa Williams and freshman Sidney Tanioka comprised the third varsity eight.

Next Sunday (Apr. 23), the Jumbos race at Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester for the Brown Cup. The Jumbos' opponents will be WPI, William Smith, Skidmore and Clark.


Women's Collegiate Rowing Results
Saturday, April 15, 2017
At Malden, Mass. (Hosted by Tufts University out of Shoemaker Boathouse)

WN8 / Wellesley (time trial) - 7:46.5
WV8 semifinal / Tufts 6:36.5 - Wellesley 6:41.4
WV8 semifinal / Bates 6:37.3 - Wesleyan 6:41.4
W2V8 semifinal / Wellesley 7:04.3 - Tufts 7:29.5
W2V8 semifinal / Bates 6:58.7 - Wesleyan 7:05.6
W3V8 semifinal / Wellesley 7:26.7 - Tufts 7:55.1
W3V8 semifinal / Bates 7:14.1 - Wesleyan 7:18.6
WV8 petite final / Wesleyan 6:38.0 - Wellesley 6:47.2
WV8 final / Bates 6:42.1 - Tufts 6:46.9
W2V8 petite final / Wesleyan 6:54.2 - Tufts 7:21.0
W2V8 final / Bates 6:39.7 - Wellesley 6:40.8
W3V8 petite final / Wesleyan 7:06.5 - Tufts 7:32.8
W3V8 final / Bates 7:04.8 - Wellesley 7:07.8
WV4 / Wellesley 7:36.0 - Bates 7:54.6