Tufts University Athletics Intramurals

The Tufts Intramural Program is an outlet for fun competition with other Tufts students and faculty.  You must have a current Tufts ID to join a team, and you will need to show it at each game to be eligible for that game. 

Our program is built on and around a web program called IMLeagues.  You will need to register with the site before you can join a team or communicate with fellow players.  The web address is: www.imleagues.com/tufts.  If you had an Athleague account, your information should be automatically converted to the new site.  You will continue to get all announcements and all information about schedules, teams and changes via the IMLeagues site.  You are required to use an @tufts.edu email address to register.  Please visit the site to register, join teams, view schedules, etc.

Before you sign up:
--For the enjoyment of all, your sport will require a weekly commitment to a scheduled game time.  Your team will need to show up in adequate numbers (which vary by sport) on time to avoid a forfeit.  In fairness to other teams, a forfeit will result in your team being removed from the league for the remainder of that season’s schedule.

--All players MUST check in at the central registration before going to their court or field.  Players must show student/staff ID and be previously on the online roster to play.  All players must have signed up during the sign-up period posted each semester.  You can NOT sign up by showing up to intramurals without having registered PRIOR!  Captains should be responsible for making sure all players are registered on their roster, which they can access on their page at any time. 

--You should have enough players on your roster to cove the minimum amount required even if a conflict arises for some members of your team.  Consider placing alternates on your roster who will play when regular players can not attend. 

--Varsity players are not permitted on IM teams in the same or comparable sports to their varsity sport.  For example, a varsity soccer player may not play IM futsal/soccer, etc. 

--You may not be on two teams in the same sport, including teams in opposite skill leagues.  For example, you may not play in both A and B league basketball in a single season, and you cannot play on two A or two B league teams.

--You will have to field a team between the hours listed.  In other words, if the post says dodge ball from 6-11 pm on Wednesdays, you will need to field a team at ANY point within that block.  If half of your team has class until 7pm, add more players to be there in the case that your team is scheduled to play at 6 pm.  Games last about an hour.  We cannot accept or ensure any special requests for game times due to the nature of the schedules, and we are not responsible for unmet scheduling preferences. 

--All IM sports are CO-ED, but there are no minimum requirements for either gender on any team.


Fall 2014 Sports: 

Information about Fall 2014 Intramurals will be posted soon. 


Have an IM question?  Contact the league director at: intramuralsports@tufts.edu