Club Sports

An eclectic collection of competitive, recreational, and instructional athletic programs is available through club sports. Many club sports offer a full competitive schedule allowing both the true competitor and the recreational student-athlete to participate. 

All club sports are funded partially through their own means and partially through the Department of Athletics, with all club participants receiving support from the sports medicine staff. 

Club Sports Corner

Tier I:


Club Leader

Club Contact

Club Website


Noah Epstein

Cycling Club Website


Julia Rowe

Equestrian Club Website

Fencing (Men’s)

Thomas Lucic

Men's Fencing Club Website

Rugby (Men’s)

Edward Bell

Men's Rugby Club Website

Rugby (Women’s)

Marcy Regalado

Women's Rugby Club Website

Ski Team

Stephanie Alimena

Ski Club Website

Table Tennis

Scott Nicholson



Cheyenne Martinez

Taekwondo Club Website

Ultimate Frisbee (Men’s)

Carter Thallon

Men's Ultimate Frisbee Club Website

Ultimate Frisbee (Women’s)

Qxhna Titcomb

Women's Ultimate Frisbee Club Website

Volleyball (Men’)

Brian O'Keefe, Tyler Green


Water Polo

Charles Wood




Tier II Club Sports

A Tier II Recreational Club Sport at Tufts University is defined as any group of individuals organized for the primary purpose of athletic extramural activity while using the Tufts name. These club sports are student-run organizations recognized by the Department of Athletics for such purposes and the Club Sport Oversight Committee. All clubs must conform to the health and safety policies set by the University. Tier II applications are available and reviewed annually in the spring by the Athletics Oversight Committee.



Club Leader

Club Contact

Club Website


George Brown



Alandra Champion


Ice Hockey

Charles Brickley

Hockey Club Website

Lacrosse (Women’s)

Colleen Duggan


Indoor Rock Climbing

Francesca Caiazzo

Indoor Rock Climbing Club Website


Soccer (Men’s)

Johannes Oster


Soccer (Women’s)

Dana Bradley

Women's Soccer Club Website



Reid Spagna

Tennis Club Website


Volleyball (Women’s)

Alison Klemencic
Jessica Ziccarello

Women's Volleyball Club Website